How organising your business to ensure your profit comes first

For every £1 that comes into your business – do you know what percentage is yours?

Having all your money in one bank account is like having your family’s clothes in one drawer … it would be very untidy and cause havoc.  But so many business owners do this.

TI Accountancy’s founder and director Tracy Irwin was the UK’s first certified Profit First Professional. This groundbreaking cash management system that’s taken the US by storm helps businesses of all sizes find the secret to predictable profitability.

Tracy now teaches businesses in the UK similar principles in helping business owners understand where each penny of their pound needs to be allocated into their business and organising their bank accounts to make cash flow a much simpler process.

You can choose between either one full day in your office or a series of 6 video calls to go over the principles with you and your key staff members. 

This includes:

  • An Initial Assessment to understand what percentages of each pound of your income belongs where (ie cost of sales, expenses, tax and most importantly profit).
  • The benefits of having multiple bank accounts.
  • An assessment of your business expenses together, to see if any expenses can be trimmed to minimise your overheads.
  • Monthly check in’s for 6 months to ensure you’re making the most out of the system and enforcing it as a habit.
  • A reassessment after your first year.

£ 997.00 one off payment (if Tracy is to visit your business for the day)

£ 697.00 one off payment (if done via video chat)

  • Call Tracy on 01229 490341
  • Email on

  • If you’d rather book an appointment direct at a time that suits you CLICK HERE