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The rest of our team…

You get to see my face on emails, newsletters and all kinds of marketing paraphernalia, however, TI Accountancy is only as successful as it is due to the dedicated team I have behind me, I’d like to introduce you to some of the staff that make working with us such a pleasure.


Lucy is Head of Trial Balances & TIA’s Secret Weapon.

With her meticulous attention to detail, she is a whizz with everything from data entry to trial balances and looks after the bookkeeping team.

She is qualified to AAT level 4 and is looking forward to progressing with her education this year.

While at work she loves seeing the clients “get it” .. the moment they start understanding their business numbers and how that can help them to plan.

Out of work she has a love of dance.  She not only dances but does choreography and teaching at a local dance class she has been a part of since she was two!

Lucy can be contacted directly here


Sarah is Head of Insurance and a Bookkeeping Whizz. 

She not only provides bookkeeping services but also has over 20 years of experience in the Insurance Industry and does all our commercial insurance work.  If you need a competitive quote for any of your insurances she can make sure you get the correct cover for your business.

In work Sarah enjoys the relationships she builds with her insurance and bookkeeping clients and is happy when they come to her for advice or to talk things through.

Out of the office you are more likely to see her running in the other directions as she enjoys nothing more than getting her trainers on in her spare time!

She is qualified to AAT level 4.

Sarah can be contacted directly here



Kelly is Head of the Payroll Ninja Team.

As the Payroll manager, Kelly usually deals with everything payroll and auto-enrolment related but she has gone from checking that her ninja team have had their lunch to feeding her little ninja as she is on maternity leave at the moment.

She enjoys the supporting role the payroll manager gives to our clients and is definitely a different career path than the hairdresser she wanted to be when she was younger.

She is qualified to AAT level 3.

Kelly can be contacted directly here


Janet is Head of the Payroll Ninja Team.

As the Payroll manager while Kelly is on maternity, Janet is doing an amazing job of heading up the payroll team.

With over 12 years of payroll experience under her belt she has really given value to our clients by adding to our already great payroll processes.

She values the importance for the client to know that their employees are getting paid correct as they are the business’s ‘family’

Out of work she loves nothing more than spending quality time with her own family.

She is qualified to AAT Foundation level 2.

Janet can be contacted directly here


Chris is Head of being Meticulous and a Spreadsheet Whizz.

He enjoys really getting to understand the way our clients work and then making sure all our clients are getting on top of their numbers on a monthly basis.

Chris also likes being able to help ease the worries of his clients by them knowing their accounts are in good hands.

At home Chris loves to cook and the conversation is never too far away from food in this office!

He is qualified to AAT level 4.

Chris can be contacted directly here


Jordan  is Head of being a Payroll Ninja & Year End Warrior.

He makes sure all our client’s employees get paid the correct amount at the right time when it’s payroll month end.

Although I’m sure he’s not fighting as many “fires” as he would have been if he’d grown up to be a fireman like he wanted when he was younger!

Out of work Jordan likes to spend his weekends playing football for a local team.

He is looking forward to starting his AAT training with Furness College when the new term starts.

Jordan can be contacted directly here


Sarah is Head of Invoice investigation and Expenses Processing

She really enjoys seeing the numbers come together when inputting client data and knowing the client is getting value from us on a monthly basis.

Sarah also loves knowing she is helping others that are not so numbers orientated.

Out of work she is a keen traveller and although she has loved travelling to lots of places on her own she now enjoys baking and spending time with her family at home.

Sarah is qualified to level 2 AAT

Sarah can be contacted directly here