Understanding My Goals

Many business owners are great at sales and also know how much they would like to see on their “bottom line” as profit, however, not many of them know how to utilise those figures to create a breathing, workable plan.

With a detailed workable plan that goes beyond simple numbers the customers, extra sales, and staff required become much more tangible, boosting your chance for success.

Once you have set your goal, with the “Understanding My Goals” package, we work with you using the previous 12 months P&L to project the likely path ahead and then monitor the monetary part of your goal for the upcoming year.

You receive:

  • A 12-month forecasting spreadsheet specially designed for your business which can act like a map for your goals and targets.
  • A clear understanding of how many customers and transactions this equates to over the 12-months forecast so you can get a handle on where you are placed against your goals through the year.

£297.00 one off payment (to do electronically)

£597.00 one off payment (for Tracy to visit you in your business for the day)

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  • Email on tracy@tiaccountancy.co.uk
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