Success By Numbers

 “Success by Numbers” is a unique 12 month programme that helps adventurous growth businesses to achieve the net figure they set out to achieve with structure and accountability to “an extra set of eyes”.

If you’re serious about growth and realise that the extra person holding your feet to the fire, really holding you accountable for hitting your financial milestones, is a smart move then Success By Numbers is the perfect package for you.

Over the 12 month period you will receive:

  • A 12-month forecasting spreadsheet specially designed for your business which can act like a map for your goals and targets.
  • Insight to understand how many clients this equates to over the 12-months forecast.
  • Monthly report updates that quickly highlight the numbers and areas in which you need to focus month by month.
  • Monthly details of your business numbers such as Gross Profit Margin,Nett Profit Margin, Break-even Point and your “Real” cost per hour so you can make better decisions in the business quickly.
  • Quarterly straight-talking half day meetings in your office to discuss and track progress.
  • Access to phone or Skype meetings with me on a regular basis.

Getting on the Success By Numbers programme puts you amongst our most committed clients. We have had notable success with every business running on this programme for the past year. Through understanding the numbers, accountability and marketing structures they have all attained the targets they set for themselves.

If 2020 is the year where you are ready to make it happen and have set yourself some audacious goals then this is a great programme to keep you on track and make those goals achievable.

£347.00 per month (plus your monthly bookkeeping fee)

£3,470.00 one off annual payment

  • Call Tracy on 01229 490341
  • Email on

  • If you’d rather book an appointment direct at a time that suits you CLICK HERE