Xero Expert

Here at TI accountancy we are Xero Bookkeeping experts.

We first started using Xero in 2013 and due to the ease of use and eye pleasing platform we have since used it as our main software for onboarding clients and all our bookkeepers are Xero-Certified Bookkeepers.

With Cloud accounting becoming more and more popular there are many other platforms on the market and although Xero isn’t the cheapest, in our opinion, it certainly is the best.

Due to the innovative nature of Xero we are able to empower hundreds of clients across the UK to understand the crucial numbers they need to know in their business on a regular basis.  The Management reports from Xero are simple to understand and here are TI Accountancy we strongly believe in giving clients monthly KPI’s that will help them move their business forward.

The bank of add-on app’s that you can link with Xero shows how popular and what a forerunner it is.

We couple our package with Auto-Entry, this easy to use app lets you upload your invoices/receipts online, meaning no large postal expenses having to post all your paperwork to us.

The bank feed facility saves so much time on the old desktop platforms such as Sage and Quickbooks Desktop that we can pass these savings on to our clients.  Xero is also a time saving tool for people who sell via Amazon and use GoCardless.

If you would like to know any other information regarding the Xero software please contact Lucy on 01229 813388 or lucy@tiaccountancy.co.uk for further details.