Business Growth Package

This is the perfect package if you’re good with numbers or you just want reassurance you’re on the right track with your goals.

If you are a new business and not 100% sure what numbers you should be looking at on a monthly basis, in order to assess your progress towards goals and KPI’s within your business, then this monthly package could possibly be your greatest asset for growth.

All TI Accountancy bookkeeping clients get told their gross profit and net profit margins and the movement from the previous month, however, the Business Growth Package gives you a more thorough review of your KPI’s. 

For example we can:

  • remove the “tax guessing game” by calculating your corporation tax and income tax to-date so you are better prepared at year end.
  • share what your breakeven point is on a monthly basis so that you know how much you need to turnover to hit profit.
  • show you what your earnings might look like based on current movement, allowing you to change direction to meet any income goals
  • tap into a key metric, your labour to turnover ratio, and deliver ideas on how to magically transform your business using this one measure
  • spot those weird times when an expenditure has shot up and risks ruining an otherwise profitable year
  • help keep your spending within budget so you don’t see the bank balance turning to red
  • offer bespoke reporting for anything specific you would like to monitor eg; cost of sales or salaries, and work with you to do cash analysis or forecasting reports.

£35 per month (plus your monthly bookkeeping fee)

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