Does the ringing of your alarm clock wake you with a shock, and put you on edge all morning?

Are you prone to hitting the snooze button?

Is “five more minutes” your mantra?

If the early morning starts are a struggle for you this January, I may have just found the perfect product to make those 6am alarms a bit more bearable. And it’s all thanks to a 19-year-old engineering student from France who hated the sound of his iPhone alarm.

Guilaume Rolland invented Sensorwake; an alarm clock that uses scents rather than sounds to wake you from your beauty sleep. You need to simply insert a scent capsule into the clock, set the time, and in the morning you’ll gradually wake up to the sweet smell of croissants and coffee.

A dream come true!

And it works too. Tests have shown that 99% of sleepers were woken up within 2 minutes. You can read more about the clock here:

What I love most about this, is the fact that someone has taken an everyday product and improved it – even when we didn’t know it needed to change.

Guilaume Rolland has found a simple but effective solution, and used entrepreneurial spirit to bring it to life. And I’m betting that the Sensorwake clock is going to be a big hit. After all, who wouldn’t want to wake up to the smell of fresh pastries?!

Are you always thinking about how you can improve and grow?

Whether it’s a long-standing product that could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes and a modern revamp, or a problem faced by all of your customers; there are always ways you can innovate and push the boundaries.

And as it’s a New Year, why not take a look at your offerings and see what you can do?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – or the alarm clock – but I bet there’s something you can do to take the next step.

I know we’ll be doing the same.


Until next time…