Hi everyone – Emily here, with my Office Manager black belt on…







It’s Friday today and I thought it would be nice to ask you how your working week has panned out? How productive have you been this week?

Are you a super-efficient Office Ninja OR do you need a gentle reminder on the ancient Art of Office Productivity?

It is a well-known fact that Monday is not always our favourite day of the week, sometimes Monday can be seen as the bad guy or villain of the working week story. However, here at TI Accountancy we ‘practice our Productivity’ very seriously and maintain that a ‘Strong Monday starts on a Friday’.

  • So, you will know we send out weekly update emails on Friday afternoon in order to keep you guys in the loop.
  • We let you know where we are at with your accounts and what we plan to do in the forthcoming week!
  • We always plan to leave the office with Monday’s schedule in place – basically we have our game plan set ready for when we walk in on Monday morning.
  • We plan forward, beat the working week bad guy and hit the ground running by practicing the ancient Art of Office Productivity.

So why don’t you let me know how you fight your Monday Blues and if you struggle with Procrastination of any kind, how do you tackle this daily? emily@tipayroll.co.uk

In the meantime have a great Weekend