residual income

I know is sounds like the start of a really crude conversation between a group of lads on a stag do in Benidorm .. but just for a moment, humour me, and think about how often you, or the man in your life, buy new underwear?

Are they one of those items that he waits until Christmas and Birthdays as there are bound to be some unwrapped every year?

Are they things that get bought only when there are holes in the old ones and there are embarrassing areas on view when wearing them?

Are they things that get purchased on shopping trips when you see the brand you like?

Or, like a good friend of mine, does a pair of designer ones get delivered to your door once a month for you to check out???

What? You never thought of getting a subscription on underwear?? No … me either …

But apparently you can.

So there you go, proof you can make residual income from selling underwear.

This got me thinking about how many times, when we’ve been discussing cashflow forecasts and monthly targets with clients, they’ve said to me “Oh but our business doesn’t lend itself to residual income like your does” and how often I’d let this pass, feeling that as the business owner they know if they had a product or service that they could offer a subscription on. 

But now I’ve been thinking about all sorts of different products and services that could lend themselves to this ever increasingly popular subscription model … just look what Amazon are doing with their “Save and Subscribe” where they offer discounts on everyday products for you to subscribe to and receive every month.  If Amazon are doing it then there must be money to be made surely.

So what is it, that if you really start to think out of the box, in your own business that you could offer as a subscription?

What is your equivalent to boxer shorts that would help you know that there are pounds coming into your bank account every month that you can build on?

Oh and by the way if you’re looking for a Christmas present for a hard to buy for male in your life then why not go and check out google for monthly subscription underwear … you’ll be surprised!!