You’ll have heard the awful news about the earthquake that resulted in a tsunami in New Zealand.

Nature is a powerful thing and something we cannot control.

It got me thinking about the businesses in that area which were flattened in an instant and how they were affected. So many livelihoods wiped out by Mother Nature.

Now I know in the UK we’re not really under threat to large earthquakes and tsunamis but we are to floods and other weather disasters.

Many of the businesses that were affected by the floods this time last year, found that they were being asked questions by their insurance company on what income they had lost. Those who didn’t have detailed income reports from having their bookkeeping regularly updated, meaning their figures were always up to date, found it harder to obtain their insurance payouts.

Luckily we maintain our clients bookkeeping on a monthly, often weekly, basis and those who were affected were able to show the insurance companies exactly how the floods had destroyed their income.

It’s worth thinking about and making sure you have detailed sales reports that would be strong enough to stand up to a tsunami!!