Tracy Irwin runs T.I. Payroll and Accounting in Cumbria. Over and around St. Patrick’s day, she sent out a hugely profitable email campaign. She’s had terrific results – and it’s been nothing to do with the luck of the Irish.

In fact, it’s all down to the strategies and techniques that Tracy has learnt since becoming a member of the EC. She’s tied in her efforts with a current event, which is a very clever thing to do. Not only does it give you a platform to launch a campaign, it provides an excuse to get in touch with your customer, to engage and to build relationships with your list.

Tracy sent out a well thought through campaign to her small, but highly active list of 750 prospects/customers and has secured five new clients off the back of it.

Tracy’s business has thrived in the last couple of years. She started out in 2002 and since becoming a member of the EC, she’s employed five people and grown her very own pair of ‘brass balls’, allowing her to take the calculated risks in business that have led to growth and a swollen bottom line.

Well done Tracy.


This is from Nigel Botterills website, you can check this out for yourself if you would like