Are you seizing the opportunity to place your business in front of Theo Paphitis each week? If you’re not using Twitter already or you are but not entering Theo’s Small Business Sunday Awards every Sunday evening, you are missing out on potentially massive exposure! Let me explain;

I’d just sat down last Monday after my evening swim and my phone started to beeping, the sound that someone was talking to me on social media. Then it beeped and beeped and didn’t seem to be stopping.  When I looked my twitter had gone mental!!

Every Sunday between 5pm and 7.30pm (UK time), Theo Paphitis (@TheoPaphitis) invites small business owners to send him a tweet to promote their business. Tweets are to include the hashtag #sbs and be sent to @theopathitis.

After 7.30pm Theo personally looks through all the tweets he has been sent and chooses his six favourite entries. His chosen six receive a re-tweet (RT) from Theo which is seen by his 280k followers, they get a chance to promote themselves on a website with past winners and the winners have been invited to an event to get a certificate personally handed over to them by Theo himself.

I had sent my tweet as normal to Theo as I had many a Sunday evening before and thought nothing of it. When I picked up my “lively” phone on Monday evening I was amazed to discover I had been picked as one of Theo’s 6 winners.  Over the next 24 hours I received at least 300 messages and gained over 150 of new followers and made some new twitter friends.  I also got 3 enquires immediately after this win and have already secured at least one payroll contract through it.

Not bad for a tweet that takes less than a minute …. Here is my winning tweet:
‘@TheoPaphitis double award winning payroll and bookkeeping company, helping growing companies keep on top of their finances #sbs’