Wouldn’t it be ab-so-lutely FANTASTIC if you could drive to work every day and NOT have to stop for fuel?

Wouldn’t it be handy if your car filled itself?

Prepare yourself…

Volvo is developing a range of ‘self-filling’ cars that would never need a visit to the petrol station.             Fancy that!
No more queuing, no more slipping on diesel in your fancy work shoes, no more succumbing to the temptation of a bar of Dairy Milk on the way to the till.

How would it work?

Well, when your tank is close to empty, your car would send a message via smartphone to a mobile fuel supplier to come and fill it up. The supplier would have a one-off code to open your fuel cap – safety first, obviously. So you could park your car, go to work, and by the time you’re back, your tank would be full!

BUT as always, there’s a catch. Volvo never ‘officially’ talk about innovations and simply said “maybe” when asked about the fuel idea, so it looks like we may be waiting a little longer before our cars start talking to each other and ‘fuelling-up’ behind our backs.

But still, you have to admire their ability to KEEP coming up with ridiculously clever ideas – someone has to do it, eh?

Speaking of innovation and improvements—If Volvo can continue to invent and rediscover after all they’ve done already, there must be something we can do with our businesses to push boundaries and lead the way, right?

Have a great weekend  🙂