Anyone watching “The Councillor” on Sky demand? If not – don’t bother!!!
It’s on at the moment and is a star studded production, which when reading the cast list you can’t help thinking it’s going to be a great film – it’s not and that’s two hours of my life I’m never getting back!

This got me thinking about what makes a good movie? You can have great actors, great location and great equipment but if the story is weak or entirely missing it can all become tedious and uninteresting.

It’s the same with your marketing. You could be sending your marketing play out to the right people, on the correct platforms, but if your message (your story) is all wrong then your marketing can be unengaging to your prospects.

Storytelling isn’t a new concept, but with the explosion of social media and content marketing, the opportunities to tell stories as part of your direct and indirect marketing has never been hotter and more relevant than it is today.

A lot of small companies don’t consider telling a story through their marketing, they don’t understand how to find it, or how to get it out to their prospects. Your story is made up of your company’s history, your mission, your goals, your key personnel – it’s why you exist.

Humans are a fascinating species and it is our natural instinct to be curious about one another, by giving away a story about yourself or your company makes it more real and attention-grabbing to your reader.
The more honest you can be in your story telling the more magnetic your marketing becomes; when crafting stories, if they are rooted in reality then they will be consistent with your brand and be more believable to your target market. If your stories are inconsistent they’ll confuse your clients who will lose trust in your brand.

Creating characters that your audience will like and connect with will also help engagement. This could be creating a client persona or telling the story from an Employees point of view, they don’t have to be real but they do need to be someone your prospects can empathise with. You can have so much fun with storytelling and it will bring out your personality within your marketing.

It’s National Story telling week from 31st January to 7th February – why don’t you use this as an opportunity to look at your marketing and see if you tell stories? Does your website have a story to tell or is it just informational content with no life?

Have a great month


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