Tour de France 2015Chris Froome could hardly contain his happiness – and rightly so – as he returned home to Britain following his second Tour de France victory.

The Team Sky rider jetted back to London on Monday morning after an eventful tour full of highs and lows, but the smile from ear to ear was clear to see.

Froome became the first Briton to win a Tour de France double and is set to receive a hero’s welcome in the English capital. This victory was won by a mere 74 SECONDS, you may think that this is not enough time to achieve any sort of result but it seems this mere 74 seconds is a common time for the avid result achiever,   CLICK HERE to view another sporting event back in 2011 where Janet Holcomb won the Cascade Classic by 74 seconds.

This blog also touches on “how can we use the “74 seconds theory” in our business life” . being able to focus on knowing what you need to do best and how you need to spend your time wisely is something to really consider as there is a whole 584 lots of 74 seconds per day!!

74 Seconds over the distance that the Tour De France is completed seems miniscule, but it’s all those microscopic improvements that makes the difference at the finish line.  You could adopt this in your business life.  You may think of something that seems insignificant and so small that you choice not to implement it, however, if you implemented all those small things then this narrows the gap between where you were and where you want to be. If you are always striving to make those tiny improvements this will show massively at your own finish line.

Have a great weekend

Kelly 🙂