I can’t believe the end of the month has come around so quickly, I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and if you have kids that the sporadic weather hasn’t been an interruption to your fun.

With the kids going back to school and the holiday over most business people return to their companies with full gusto and this month I’ve had lots of conversations with business acquaintances regarding employees and the right time to take someone on.  I think choosing the right employee for your company is a very challenging decision, however, so many small businesses recruit way too late and this means you end up not employing a “Star” Employee and they say it ends up costing them money rather than making it.  Let me explain:

Hiring an employee when you are rushed off your feet and have too much work and no time to do it leads to hiring the first person that you think is capable, these people aren’t always the right person for your company, however, as you need someone – they’ll do.  You hire on skill and not on attitude and this is the wrong way round.

What you should be doing is keeping your eyes open for “Star” employees; people you know will make a difference to your company and help it gorw.  “But I can’t afford them at the moment!” I hear you cry… hiring someone should be an investment not a cost and should realistically only cost you the month in hand’s wages.  Think about it, if you pay a monthly salary in arrears your new employee has already worked for you for a month before you have to pay them.  Depending on their position they should have made you back the money by then anyhow:

  1. If you have employed them to do productive work then as long as your “accounting numbers” are correct then they will have done enough work to cover any employee costs incurred and it will have given you the time as a business owner to concentrate on your marketing and growing your business to go out and get new clients.
  2. If you have employed them as a marketer and it is their job to bring in more clients then this is even more clear cut – set them targets when initially taking them on for their probation peiod, if they haven’t reached their targets and haven’t covered their wages then have an agreement in place that you can let them go.

So what are you waiting for … get looking for the “Star” employees out there as they do exist and see how your business can benefit from employing them NOW.

Tracy x