pension provider quandary

Trying to work out which pension provider to go for when being faced with Auto-enrolment must have been confusing for any business owner, I know it was for us and we’re the ones implementing the schemes!!

And now in last week’s FT Advisor they’ve written an interesting article on the difficulty in making comparisons among auto-enrolment fund charges.

It highlighted how some providers have bespoke structures and others do not publicly state their fees.

As accountants we can only advise on where to look for the correct auto-enrolment provider for our clients but it must be up to the business owner or their financial advisor to make the final decision in the minefield of choosing the provider.

However, with no conclusive result on which provider is going to be the best, in the long run it is a conundrum as which pension providers we should point our clients towards for the best long term results.

The whole article can be found here is you want to see who they feel are the front runners at this present time.


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