HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has confirmed that from today , 25th June 2013,  it will be issuing penalty letters to those employers who were on the pilot RTI scheme who have yet to submit a final Full Payment Submission (FPS) or Employer Payment Summary (EPS) for 2012-13.

Pilot employers on the Real Time Information scheme (RTI) that are yet to file returns for the 2012-13 tax year should do so as soon as possible to prevent incurring additional penalties as the penalties for pilot employers are the same as the 2012-13 end-of-year penalty notifications.  In order to ensure that employers who took part in the pilot are treated in the same manner as non-pilot employers, penalties were applied from 19 May 2013.

With the deadline of 19 May 2013 passed for submitting a final FPS, RTI pilot employers should instead submit an Earlier Year Update (EYU) to make their final 2012-13 report. When completing their EPS, employers should ensure they complete and answer the end-of-year declarations and questions.  There is a full guide to HMRC’s PAYE end-of-year tasks for real time pilot employers on their website and outlines what the deadlines are and what information is needed.

HMRC will also be issuing penalties for late P35 and P14 submissions for those employers not in the pilot RTI scheme, the penalty is £100 per month and any P35 and P14s returns that remain outstanding for more than four months will receive penalty notices shortly after September 19 and again the following January and May, if necessary.

All TI Payroll and Accounting payroll clients can rest assured that all year end processes have been submitted whether they were on pilot RTI or the old P35 scheme.  If there is anyone who is worried about their company PAYE or RTI please do not hesitate to contact one of our expert team on 01229 490231