What a great month we have had here at TI Payroll and Accounting, between collecting votes for the EVA’s and launching ‘Success By Numb£rs’ I feel like I have been popping up in peoples inboxes much more frequently than I normally do.

This is the first time I have ever done a product launch and it has definitely been a learning curve.  From mailchimp having a glitch, my proof reading skills not being up to scratch and us nearly sending out 500 letters that stated there were 62.7 billion people on the planet I felt at times it was jinxed – but it’s been a great success and we’ve been complimented on its execution so I’m glad we persevered.

We’ve all been as excited to try out new marketing techniques while initiating the product launch as much as we have in getting the results; some have worked and some others haven’t.  We sent letters in bright green envelopes to make them stand out from the usual mail you receive, we carried out split tests on our subject lines to use in future promotions, we also carried out a Facebook campaign to get more likes on our Success by Numb£rs Facebook page and we devised a WordPress site (initially set up by an expert) so that we could change things online ourselves and post blogs throughout the launch.

The biggest thing I have learnt from this experience, other than that fact I would make an appalling proof reader!!, is that my database is the most valuable asset in my business.   We have got some great people coming on board with our Success By Numb£rs product and although some have come from other modes of marketing, most have come direct from our database. Some people who have been getting my newsletter for years, without any return communication, have seen the benefits of Success By Numb£rs and become a new customer.

Because of this I just wanted to ask how many of you are collecting data and using it to build relationships with your potential clients?  I don’t mean selling to them every week – this would just result in “unsubscribes”, but genuine emails giving advice, telling relevant stories, letting them know what is going on in your industry and if you can do this right and build a trust worthy relationship , then when you do have something new to sell, as we did, then the  people on your database list already like and trust you, and if you are offering something they can see a benefit in, then the transition to client is a much easier one for them and for you.

If you need help with this, let us know …. We’re now “pro’s” 🙂


PS I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me for the EVA’s – we’ve done our best, all we need to do now is get our hair put up, our evening dresses on and enjoy the night!!

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