I’m sure you will agree with me that this month has disappeared as quickly as every other month seems to have this year and the mere mention of Christmas makes you want to scream …. “No, it can’t be November already!!”, I’d heard growing older seemed to make time go quicker but I think in our technology age we are just so busy all the time that it seems time really has just sped up.

At the beginning of the year I was reading something by Dan Kennedy that read “There is no growth in the comfort zone” and it made me think twice, as we hadn’t had as many new clients in January as we had in previous years.  I would like to put this down to all of our clients being more organised with the self-assessment tax return but I won’t. I felt like I had become complacent in the marketing we were doing, so I promised myself I would keep taking myself out of my comfort zone, not always huge things but at least once a month, both professionally and personally to make sure TI Payroll and Accounting never became a stagnant accountancy firm.

Most of you will know I trekked the Grand Canyon as a personal challenge, but I also did seminars on RTI (this was a massive challenge for me as I’m not relaxed talking in front of an audience), I’m on my way to conquering both Google adwords and squeeze pages (both taking me out of my technical comfort zone), we’ve been to exhibitions to promote “Success by Numb£rs”, moved into our town centre premises and as you can see from the photo I sponsored an award and had to get up to read out the winner (which didn’t seem nerve wracking until the day before when I received instructions on what I had to do).

Looking back at all the things I’ve done outside my comfort zone this year, they have all had the 3 same effects: 1) they all weren’t as bad as I thought they might be.  2) My confidence has grown through pushing myself and 3) TI Payroll and Accounting have got new clients through doing them.

So I wondered, how comfortable do you feel in your business at the minute?  Is there something you could be doing that would help your business to grow – but you’re doing nothing because it seems “Too Hard”?  Is this hindering your growth?

If I told you that stepping out of your comfort zone will definitely improve your net profit, would you do it?  Yes!! Then what’s stopping you?

If you have been meaning to put a new marketing pillar in your company for a while and just haven’t done it because it’s out of your comfort zone, please feel free to email me on tracy@tipayroll.co.uk and let me know. Telling someone you are going to do something is the best way to get it done – and who better to make yourself accountable to than your accountant! I wouldn’t public ridicule you until you do it – honest 😉

Have a great month and don’t sit in that comfort zone forever!!

Tracy x


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