There are many homes that don’t fit into the standard box when it comes to insurance.

It may be that they are listed or have a thatched roof. Homes such as this are best insured through the non-standard home insurance route, which although not always available via the internet, are easily insured via a broker.



  • Flood Risk – with the introduction of Flood Re, many homes are now able to be insured via the standard home insurance route that have been previously flooded. However, there are still some homes that would benefit from the non-standard route
  • Thatched Homes – these tend to be a greater fire risk than those with a standard roof construction. They also tend to be older properties. It is important that the insurance in place is correct in case of a claim as any repair bills could prove very costly
  • Listed Buildings – Owners of listed buildings will more than likely require to be insured through a specialist policy. Due to the legal requirements for repairs etc to listed buildings, certain materials may need to be used which could prove costly
  • Unoccupied – 30 days is normally the standard period of time that a building can be unoccupied under a standard policy. Should you require insurance to cover you for a longer period, a non-standard insurer will be able to provide this
  • Subsidence – You can expect to pay a higher premium should you live in an area prone to subsidence and standard home insurance policies will very rarely be available for these homes.
  • Non-standard construction – should your home have something other than brick walls and a tiled roof, it may be slightly more difficult to insure. A timber frame will be classed as non-standard as will houses that have heritage construction such as wattle and daub

However, it might not be your home that requires you to have non-standard home insurance.

  • Criminal convictions – you must declare anyone living in the property that has a criminal conviction
  • Insurance policy cancellation – should you have had any insurance policy cancelled by an insurer due to non-disclosure of information or previous claims, you will need to source your home insurance from a specialist

At TI Accountancy, we have a number of different insurers we can approach for any of those circumstances mentioned above.

So please feel free to contact me and I am sure I will be able to help.