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In March I met the lovely Michelle Mone OBE, founder of the award winning lingerie company Ultimo.

She was speaking at an Entrepreneur’s Circle event I was attending and I bought her book “My Fight to the Top” which she kindly signed. I have to admit that I haven’t got round to reading it yet as I have a pile of books that I am making my way through plus I never got the “Sexy Mark” and the drawing of a bra inside my copy, as my friend did, so maybe I’m sulking!

However the story she told on stage was truely inspirational. From the outside her story looks like one of those ‘being at the right place at the right time – anyone can do it’ tales, but it isn’t. In her frank and honest account of how she built the company, you can see that everything didn’t run smothly and even the most successful people have ‘bumps in the road’.


She told of how not knowing the usual routes of lingerie procurement, being so desperate to get to the meeting with Selfridges, she had sat pleading for the buyer to see her, crying as she was pregnant with her third child, £480,000 in debt and had spent 3 years just working to that point, she just couldn’t handle a ‘no’ – if she didn’t get a sale then her family would be homeless..


Now I know my business is not in the same league but it nice to know that larger companies have the same issues as SME’s and that the jopurney of an inspiring business leader hasn’t been the smooth ride it appears from the outside – that everyone has bumps in the road but it doesn’t mean you can’t have success. It just takes determination and pure ambition.  To read the full story click the link above.


Enjoy your journey.