simple multiple bank accounts

You’ve probably heard me talk about the benefits of having numerous bank accounts tonnes of times before and we help many businesses set up this system.

However, when we are working with clients who understand these benefits in their business to ensure good cashflow, the thing that should be the easiest to do is usually the hardest ….

Setting up the bank accounts with their bank!!

Many of the high street banks don’t understand why business would want more than one bank account, and if it is allowed many of them charge business bank fees for each account when there is just no need as they can be savings account types.

We have found a solution to this, a new breed of bank called TIDE

Setting up accounts with tide is fast, simple and secure. You can have all your bank accounts with them or just use them for the saving type accounts you need to run a profit first business.

Everything is done from within a mobile app and it links perfectly with accountancy software such as Xero.

With low pricing:

  • Free signup
  • No annual or monthly fees
  • Free card usage, at home and abroad
  • Free transfers to Tide members
  • 20p when sending or receiving money from a non-Tide account
  • £1 ATM withdrawal
  • Cash deposits: £1 at the Post Office, 3% at PayPoint

If you want more details about tide and whether this bank is for you CLICK HERE and sign up by using the code TIACCOUNTANCY