Sunday (28th January) is national puzzle day and I love puzzles, whether they are crosswords, suduko or jigsaw puzzles.

My favourite jigsaw puzzle I ever completed, was one my sister got me as a birthday present.

It was a photo I’d taken of my dogs while out walking in the lakes and she had it made into a jigsaw.  It looked quite simple so I kept it to do over the Christmas period and it took me until February to finish it!!










Puzzles are great way of relaxing and taking your mind off other things.  They are also a great way of maintaining memory and keeping away dementia in later life.

Puzzles are everywhere; we are working out puzzles on a daily basis in our personal and our business life. Whether it’s working out what to cook for tea from what is in the fridge, to working out how to fit the work you have promised to clients into the 37.5 hours you have available this week.

At TI Accountancy we have a premium product which helps business owners with one of the many puzzles they are faced on a daily basis.  Many business owners are great at sales and also know how much they would like to see on their “bottom line” as profit, however, not many of them know just how much extra sales, or man-hours they need to get them there.

“Success by Numbers” is a unique 12 month programme that helps you to achieve just that.   It helps businesses that need the structure of having targets to meet.  It also helps businesses that are struggling with cashflow and need to know their breakeven point of when they hit profit.

We have had several businesses running on this programme for the past year and through understanding the numbers, accountability and marketing structures they have all attained the targets they set for themselves.

If 2017 is looking a bit daunting due to your goals being high then this is a great programme to keep you on track and make those goals achievable.

If this is something you would be interested in learning more about, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to see if we can accelerate your business to the next level.

Keep counting ….