make your business shine

Glancing down my Facebook memories over breakfast this morning I realised it was the anniversary of when I won my second EVA award for achievements in Financial Services.

It reminded me that I haven’t entered TI Accountancy into any business awards for some time now, and I have added “to look for some appropriate entries” to my to do list.

You see, the benefits of entering for awards are much more than a night out in a posh frock, it’s a great way make your business shine and market your business no matter what size your company is!!

If you’re sat thinking that maybe your business could enter for an award but are not sure what the benefits are, here’s 6 reasons to get filling in those applications forms:

Opportunity for Free Marketing

Throughout the award process your business will get free marketing.  Many people will see your brand through the awards website, the brochure on the night, and if you are lucky enough to win then the PR your business can receive is priceless.

Excuse to connect with your list

Many awards ask for public votes and therefore asking the people on your database to support you, not only gets your votes but lets them know what you have achieved and puts you back in their minds.

Opportunity to re-evaluate

Going through the initial application process you will have to assess your business and recognise its achievements, you will also see where there is room for improvement. They may ask you about targets and long-term goals for the company, which you may not have thought about before.

Increases Credibility

Whether you win or not, being a finalist for a business award raises your credibility within your industry.   It makes you an expert in your field and will bring new customers and employees as they would like to be associated with a company that is ahead of others.

Boosts Team Morale

Employees love recognition and therefore being part of a company that is entering and winning awards is great for company morale.  It gives employees that feel good factor to know that they, the company’s biggest assets, are doing an outstanding job.

Chance to Network

Going to the awards will give you a chance to network with other companies that have achieved something to justify being a finalist.  The event will be full of business owners who are also front runners and you just never know what you could learn from them ….

Convinced now??  Good luck ….

Make your business shine!!