Good Afternoon, how’s things?

I was updating our client contact details, googling and checking out your websites when I came across some great Google reviews!

Did you know that more than 90% of consumers research online before contacting a company? This is proof that positive reviews are proving so important for businesses these days.

To be honest, it is a great place to have customer testimonials – don’t you think?! It’s been proven that by having up-to-date reviews connected with your site can boost your annual sales by 40%! Not only do Google reviews indicate to potential customers and clients WHAT your company does but it give them a sense of WHO you are and WHY you are so good at it!  Pretty eye catching!

A great way of keeping your reviews up-to-date and catching the eye of potential customers is to enclose the link with your follow up email after you have provided them with your amazing service. After all, Shiv Singh says ‘The purpose of a business is to create a great customer who creates great customers.’

So, you have been working with us for some time now… and you are a GREAT customer, could you help us create more great customers? We’d really appreciate it if you would ‘click here’ and help us create more great customers who are just like you!


Have an awesome week