Key HMRC changes


The start of April brings changes to a number of tax rates and bands…





Personal Allowance – the personal tax free allowance for UK residents has increased to £11,850.

Higher Rate Threshold – the higher rate tax threshold for UK residents has increased to £34,500 (£46,350 including personal allowance).

Dividend Allowance Reductions – the tax free dividend allowance has been reduced from £5000 to £2000.

Please note different rates and tax bands apply in Scotland.


Marriage Allowance

The allowance has increased to £1,185 resulting in the potential for an additional £237 saving for that year.


National Insurance

Employers NIC are 13.8% of earning over £162 per week.

Employees NIC are 12% on earnings of between £162 and £892 per week, and 2% thereafter.


Capital Gains Tax

The annual exempt amount for individuals for gains on the disposals of assets has increased to £11,700.


Company Cars

Those cars not meeting the Real Driving Emissions Standard are now subject to a 4% higher scale charge for the purposes of company car tax, (this was previously only 3% more). Also the Benefit in Kind rates for company cars have increased:

CO2 emissions table







The car fuel benefit charge has increased to £23,400.



The registration threshold remains £85,000. The deregistration threshold is £83,000.


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