digital payslips

More organisations are looking for software that offer a service where employee’s can be sent their digital payslips.

Who can blame them, we can do almost anything on our mobile devices now, so why wouldn’t we choose to receive our payslips via this device tool?

There are many advantages of receiving digital payslips for the employee and employer. These include employees being able to access their payslips anywhere and anytime.

Not only can they view their recent payslip, but they can also look at old ones too if needed.  It is also more environmentally friendly and can cut cost of using paper and ink for the business.

Sending digital payslips also has the advantage of being secure and private, as each employee needs their own login details to access their account.

This will avoid any data breaches, which could happen when handing or emailing payslips out to employees. So, you have peace of mind that you are following the GDPR laws.

Here at TI Accountancy we encourage the option of having employee’s payslips and P60’s sent out digitally and we are seeing a lot more employers taking up this opportunity to be cost effective.

If you would like any help or further information on this, I am happy to help.