DBS Check

Back in spring when the AAT informed us that all accountants needed to be DBS Checked to enable them to continue to be licensed, I was a little disgruntled.  
​I don’t mind being checked as I have nothing to hide but it was having to send off my personal documents and have yet another expense added to my annual list just to continue to look after my clients.

However, after reading today about the court case between a nursing employment agency and their former director, I take back all my frustration and now think that every person with an influence in other people’s financial affairs should be made to have a DBS Check.

Keystone Healthcare has won a £1 million High Court Case after finding their ex-director and shareholder had masterminded a scam where a percentage of the worker’s income was deposited in to a bogus account to benefit himself and a former consultant.  More than £128,000 had been accumulated into this bogus account.

It was also found that the ex-director had then set up a new company in competition with Keystone.  I my eyes the fact that he had acted fraudulently should mean he should never be allowed to hold such a position of financial responsibility ever again.​

When a client comes to us as a payroll agency they expect a professional and trustworthy service and rightly so.  

​As Accountants we hold a position of responsibility and to hear that a director of an employment agency was able to commit fraudulent acts with expenses, invoices and database infringement and to then go on to own another company is worrying.

I am now therefore wholeheartedly in agreement with the DBS Check for anyone in the financial industry.

The full story of the case can be read here.