Have you been let down?

A couple of weeks ago a member of staff contacted a client about some queries on their account.

The client was proactive and sent the responses back, but being in contact with us prompted them to say that they were unhappy with part of the service that they had been paying for.

This happened to be an extremely valued client who always submitted their paperwork on time, always answered queries and is genuinely a pleasure to deal with, they had ‘seemed’ extremely content with the service we were providing …. Yet we had let them down!!

We were devastated but resolved this problem as soon as the issue came to light.

The event occurred because the client always seemed “happy” with everything, we had gotten into a routine with them but we forgot to ask the all important question, were we fulfilling their requirements within our service.

Luckily we have been able to rectify the communication confusion with this client, but it really brought to light that we need to be asking our “happy” clients if they are still happy!

As business owners it is our job to make we are always doing the best for the client.  Sometimes their circumstances change or they know they want something from you but the communication hasn’t been made between the two parties correctly.  Sometimes just to ask if everything is ‘okay’ is enough to feel appreciated and a valued client.

So I’m writing this week’s blogs for two reasons …

First, just to remind all you other business owners out there to make sure your clients are satisfied and if you are fulfilling the service they are expecting.

Second, if you are a TI Accountancy client, how are we doing? Are you still happy with the service you receive from us or is there something that you require that we’re just not offering at this moment in time?

We are always striving to improve our services to you, and any feedback, good or bad, will help us maintain our high level of customer service.

Have a great and productive week.