You’ll have to forgive me for the state I look in this month’s picture, but I couldn’t resist showing proof that I had trekked the Grand Canyon.  The experience and views were amazing, the activities were tough at times but very much worth the effort.  Between 37 of us we raised over £ 100,000 for Children Today; this will help a disabled child every week for the next year – now that is amazing!!

People keep asking me if I’ve changed in any way, or did I learn anything about myself and I’ve joked that yes – I’ve learnt I can actually go 4 days without my mobile phone and my business didn’t collapse.

On a more serious note though I have learnt a big lesson on fear.  I did activities that week in Arizona that I wouldn’t have thought possible.  Firstly, if you had read last month’s newsletter you would know I was dreading the bike ride we had to do, after not being on a bike for 12 years the thought petrified me.  I even had a sleepless night the eve of the bike ride worrying about it, however, at 7.30am when it came to the challenge I just got on the bike and it was fine.  We had to ride to certain points on the map and find tasks to do and I actually enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong my backside hurt after riding the 12 miles and by the time we finished at 10am it was over 100 degrees so was tough cycling in that heat.

On another day we had trekked to a waterfall and everyone was swimming through the bottom of the falls to climb up the rock and jump through the waterfall itself.  Now if I had been on holiday with my family I would have been more than happy to watch everyone else do this, however, as every other member of the team was doing this I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity so even though I hate water in my face I swam through the bottom of the falls.  As you can imagine the spray from the falls hitting the water goes everywhere and I couldn’t see where I was going and had to push hard to swim against the current, this was a massive achievement for me and to get to jump through the waterfall on the way back out was amazing.

The day after this we were trekking to another location called Beaver Falls, to get there you had to climb down a 300 foot rock, this rock was just about vertical and there were no abseiling harnesses or anything to hold onto just metal rods that had been hammered into the rock and a chain to hold onto.  The guides didn’t tell us about this decent before we got there as they knew that some people wouldn’t have left the campsite that day.  I’m not sure if I would have been one of those people as although I know how clumsy I am and I have never concentrated so much, as I did walking backwards down that cliff with a rucksack on my back. I didn’t actually feel that scared, I did however burst into tears when I got to the bottom … I don’t know if this was pure relief I had made it down alive or that I was just so proud of myself for facing my fear and just doing it.

Fear is a strange beast and I know in different circumstance I wouldn’t have done those things, but just think of the experiences and rewards I would have missed out on.  It’s the same in business.  When I talk to business owners and they tell me they are scared of networking, scared of public speaking or scared of pestering people with too much marketing.  This fear is stopping them from being successful.  What fear do you have that is stopping your business moving forward? What experiences and rewards are you missing out on due to your fears?

If I learnt one thing from my trek in the Canyon it is that fear is just an unpleasant emotion that we need to overcome if you are to reap rewards in life.  The things we fear are never as bad as they seem once we have done them.

So this month just sit and think if fear is stopping you moving forward in your business.  Is there something you know you should be doing but aren’t due to fear?  Just think what is the worst that can happen?  No one gets anywhere without a little risk.

Hope you have a great month

Tracy x

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