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Happy New Year to every one of you.  I hope you had a lovely Christmas, a bit of “me time” and are now ready to take on whatever plans you have for 2014.

I’m sat writing this between Christmas and New Year thinking how different my business is from this time last year.  There has been some highs and some lows in our business this year, we’ve moved premises, there have been some staff changes, we have a lot of new clients and the majority of our old ones to bring the new year in with.  The last few months have been a bit challenging at times but it’s also been a rewarding time.

Looking back, the one thing I was certain about was what turnover I wanted to achieve in the business by the end of 2013 (I’m pleased to say we surpassed this back in the summer and I have noted that this year we must aim higher).  I didn’t want to put our prices up, so the only way to increase turnover was to get more clients!!  Firstly by letting our staff know exactly how many new clients, in monetary terms, we needed to secure each month.  It’s funny that when you throw something out there it comes back to you, as we exceeded our targets every month but June (I blame my absence in the canyon for this one).

We did little things each month to promote the business and larger promotions throughout the year, we are still getting new clients from the exhibitions we did back in October. We extended our referral scheme from just staff and clients to anyone who wanted to recommend us. We also used moving to town centre premises as a way of promoting our brand.

What I didn’t do was keep these figures to myself, at our staff weekly meetings once we’d run through current work outstanding, we also ran through new clients and the percentages achieved to make sure we were on target. It’s always a motivational boost when we better the previous month’s figures.  I truly believe this goal setting is one of the biggest reason’s our business has grown over the last few years.

While on your break I wonder how many of you have thought about what you would like 2014 to look like, how many of you have set a goal for the year, whether personal, monetary or number of clients??  Without this you don’t know if you are heading in the right direction, how will you know in December 2014 if it’s been a good year for you?

For those of you that have set your goals, congrats!!  You are definitely on the way to success and for those who have shared them with your team (whether that be your spouse and/or your staff) even better.

For those that haven’t then while we are still in the month for making resolutions make it yours to set a goal … honestly next year you will not know how you managed without them.

All the best for 2014!!

Tracy x