There are many ways and means of purchasing insurance for your business – but how do you know it’s right?

Insurance can be very cost sensitive as it’s seen as a necessary evil so the lower the price the better. However, if the price is too low it may mean that you are covered incorrectly or have insufficient sums insured. If this is the case, the premium you have paid may be money down the drain as insurers can invalidate policies or not settle claims in full if you have not adhered to certain policy wordings or have the correct sums insured for your needs.

It is our job to make sure that the policy you purchase is right for you and will provide you with sufficient cover at a competitive price. We will review your current policy to make sure the cover you currently have is sufficient for your needs. Businesses can constantly change so we will ask you about your business so we have an understanding of how it works.

Being an independent broker means we can research the market and make sure you have a policy that fits your requirements with wordings you can adhere to.

7 reasons to use an Insurance Broker:
  • Dealing direct isn’t always cheaper-some brokers have exclusive arrangements of price and cover.
  • You may need multiple different policies for your business, which could mean having to have 2 or more insurers. Using a broker means they could all be under one roof.
  • Brokers can carry out a review of the market for you at each renewal – saving you time.
  • Brokers have access to markets that aren’t available to a direct client.
  • With a broker you can deal with the same person whether your policy is renewing, you have a claim or just a mid term adjustment.
  • If you decide to change insurer to save costs or improve cover, you are still dealing with the same person by dealing through a broker.
  • Many direct insurers operate call centres to deal with renewals and new business-if required we can meet you face-to-face.

Sarah - Insurance Broker


If you would like us to quote for any commercial policies then please fill out of the form below and someone will contact you, or you could contact Sarah direct on – 01229 490341.




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  • If you’d rather book an appointment direct at a time that suits you CLICK HERE
  • We provide insurance services for the following needs:

    • Tradesman
    • Shops
    • Offices
    • Pubs and Restaurants
    • Hotels and Guest Houses
    • IT
    • Home Workers
    • Cleaners
    • Hair and Beauty
    • Buildings Insurance
    • Professional Indemnity for a wide range of trades
    • Contruction
    • Commerical Combined
    • Event Insurance
    • Motor Fleet
    • Motor Trade
    • This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea of the wide range of insurances we are able to provide. Whatever your requirements, we would be happy to hear from you to discuss your needs.