If you are looking to extend your home, you need to take note……

home extension

With it feeling as if Christmas was months ago and the weather, hopefully, looking to improve from Spring into Summer, many people turn their thoughts to home improvements or, perhaps, looking at an extension their existing dwelling. However, what many homeowners don’t realise is that, depending on the work being carried out, it could invalidate their existing home insurance cover.

You need to tell your home insurer exactly what kind of work is being done in advance of any work starting. Any large or fairly large building work increases the risk to the insurer.

If roofs are removed, foundations built, walls knocked down or floors taken up, any number of accidents could damage the building which the insurer underwrites the cover for.

If you don’t let your insurer know what is happening, it means the terms of the policy your home insurance was written on are no longer valid. It also may be the case that if major work is being carried out, such as an extension, your current insurance provider will not be able to insure your home any longer.

As independent insurance brokers, we have access to specialised policies that would be able to provide the appropriate cover for you in these situations. So if you are about to have some improvements carried out on your home or even if these are already underway, we should have a solution for you.

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