Are you holiday savvy?

Employees will often ask the question, “How many holidays do I get this year?”

If you’re not ready for this, then it can be quite an awkward conversation. To simply answer, “I don’t know…” may not wash too well with your employees.  The best way to avoid this situation is to get holiday savvy and be ready for the question.  Remember, the statutory holiday entitlement for working a whole year is 28 days (including bank holidays).

If an employee has only worked part of a year, then they are only entitled to part of the holiday entitlement. Each hour/day/week they work, they are accruing more holidays, and when you come to work out what they’re owed you must never round down their entitlement as this will mean that the employee has not had enough holidays.

A lot of employers will outsource their payroll to a payroll provider, like TI Accountancy.  Here, we can look after all your holiday entitlements and ensure that nobody is taking too many or too few holidays.  We will also work out what holiday pay is owing if an employee leaves part way through a holiday year.

If you run your own payroll, you will have to calculate each individual employee’s holiday entitlement.  One way to help you keep on track with this is to use the Government Holiday Calculator, which can be found HERE.

This handy calculator will take you through some questions about your employee’s pay frequency, start dates and leaving dates and will calculate for you how many statutory holidays the employee is entitled to.

It’s a good idea to keep track of employee holiday entitlements throughout the year.  Have a holiday calendar whereby you can write on each employee’s holidays taken and holidays remaining as the year goes on.

If you take on a new employee part way through the holiday year, work out what their entitlement is for the remainder of the year, let them know and then enter their details onto your calendar.  This way you can help yourself avoid the awkward silence when asked, “How many holidays have I got left?”

If you have any holiday issues or payroll enquiries, please get in touch.