HMRC pulls in £737m in payroll errors and Late Payment notices and it’s on the increase!


I was recently reading an article online regarding SME businesses owing HMRC large amounts in Tax due to Payroll errors. Not to mention the amount of money they will be making due to Late Payment Penalties and Late Submission fines.

HMRC are sending out considerable amounts of notices warning companies that they haven’t received the payment on time. These notices are just a warning that if you do happen to miss the payment date again then you are likely to receive a penalty.

Do you make sure your Liabilities are paid on time each month? HMRC request payment by the 22nd of each month or the 19th of the Month if you pay by cheque. The easiest way to pay is by using the HMRC online services. Here is a link if you would like to have a look how easy it is to use.

Make sure that you always check your online accounts for any HMRC correspondence, as you don’t want to be unaware of any Late Payment notices that they have sent you.

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PS: Here is a link to the overview on how to make payments to HMRC

PPS: Here is the article in full regarding the Payroll Errors