According to a recent article from The New York Times, Halloween is now the UK’s third-biggest event (after Christmas and Easter) in terms of consumer spending.

What is astonishing is just how fast the Halloween market has grown: a little over a decade ago the market was estimated to be worth around £12million, but now – if the estimates of 12% growth from 2012 to 2013 are accurate – the market is worth in excess of £300million annually.

Retailers have acknowledged that there is big money to be made, major chains are clamouring to get a slice of the (pumpkin) pie, The Independent noted the decision by Waitrose last year to pre-order 25% more Halloween party-related stock to meet the expected increase in demand.

So how can small business buyers profit from All Hallows Eve?

Many types of small business that are likely to be able gain success during this ghoulish season, anyone in retail can “vamp” up their wares to make them appropriate for Halloween season; especially if they are selling food, clothing or decorations.

Most Businesses have trends in the seasons, being prepared for yours can make all the difference to your annual turnover. TI Payroll and Accounting are no exception, here at TIP HQ we are full steam ahead for our busy period …..

The dreaded Tax Return Season …… Mwahaha

Today is the deadline for filing any paper based self-assessments with HMRC, but if you have missed this deadline then FEAR not as TI Payroll and Accounting can help

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Some people will already know us as the Bookkeeping Angels so make sure you choose the right path!!

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Happy Halloween J


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