google analytics

As a business owner we all understand the importance of Market, Message, Media (working out the right market for your product/service, crafting the correct message to them and then working out the best media platform to get to them).

Getting this correct to a specific segment of people can have great results by getting those all-important sales.

But when you’ve got a well-crafted offer to your perfect customer how do you check that you are getting it to the right target market?

Well if the offer is on your website then Google Analytics could be a great way of checking the right people are seeing it.

For those that don’t know, Google Analytics is a tool where you put a bit of code on your website which allows you to track and measure data from your website visitors.

It will enable you to know which online campaigns are bringing in the most traffic and where they are clicking from, which helps you understand which of your messages are on the right platform to get interest or if your messages are getting the attention of your prospects.

You can also see where you visitors are clicking from.  Now in the age where people can work from anywhere I wouldn’t worry about the odd click in a country that isn’t where you sell your product/service but if the majority of your clicks are coming from America and you’re a solicitor in Wolverhampton then you obviously know that message is getting to the wrong people.

Checking your Google Analytics regularly to get a general feel of the people who visit your site can help you with your target market too.  Important data to check are:

  • Unique users
  • Page Views
  • Bounce rates
  • Length of time on page/site
  • Source of traffic

This can help you determine to what demographic you should be aiming your message to.

Other ways that Google Analytics can improve your marketing is by:

  • Learning what people are searching for if they have come from a search engine to your site,  you can do more inbound marketing and put more specific keywords into your blogs, offers and general site.
  • Learning what your top content and your worse content pages are so you can learn what keeps people on your site, and improve those pages that are getting high bounce rates (a page where someone just leaves after viewing one page).

The important thing to remember is though, don’t use checking your Google Analytics as a procrastination tool, one to feed your ego … make sure you take action with what you learn from it.