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Phew, Thanks goodness January is over!  I’d like to say it’s time for a rest but, for those of you that are owners of growing businesses, you’ll know that there is always something else to do.

I have said to myself so many times “I’ll do that the first week in February” that I’m not sure how many hours I thought there would be this first week in February.  But as the saying goes “How Do you eat an Elephant?” … one bite at a time.

Just before Christmas, I had a client in who had a setback in their business and was ready to pack it all in.  Now I know set backs are hard, especially when they involve money, but who said the pathway to success was going to be easy?   A few days before my client came in I had seen this picture on Facebook , which I showed them so they could take a few moments to think about what it would mean to throw away all their hard work over one setback.

It is hard when staring at the whole elephant to think that you could eat it all, but tackle it in the right way – “a bite at a time” – and you could amaze yourself with the results.  It helps when you have real heartfelt goals which are written down.  You may have short term goals, which help get over a small obstacle in the business; you may have a long term goal and know your “magic number” to achieve before you retire.  Whatever your goals, you musthave them written down, this makes them more real.  If your goal is a tangible object, have a picture of it in your office – reminding yourself of what you are working towards.  This will help when you have a setback.

You also need to know your business numbers so that you can work out how to move forward, which is what we did with our client.  They are now back on that winding road to success – with a clear plan of action.

I hope that if you don’t have goals this has given you something to think about.  And if you have got goals and haven’t written them down – do it now.

If you would like to do so, drop me an email and let me know, as I’d love to hear them and help bring them to life for you.

Kind Regards

Tracy x