Make sure your volunteers are insured!

Charities do great work – helping to improve others’ lives. However, by doing this it can make them vulnerable to risks and liabilities they are not aware of. It does seem unfair but charities of all sizes are subject to the same level of scrutiny as a commercial business.

There are insurance packages designed just for charities that cover many aspects – not just covering your buildings and contents. Some of the main features are-

Employers’ Liability – The Health and Safety Executive classes volunteers as employees. And because they’re classed as employees, their health, safety and welfare is the Charity’s legal responsibility whilst they are volunteering.

Employers’ Liability is compulsory. You could face a £2,500 fine for every day you don’t have the insurance when you should.

So if you don’t have it and you have volunteers you DO need to get this. If you already have this cover, make sure the policy also includes your volunteers.

Trustee Liability– Did you know, as a trustee, you’re personally liable for your decisions? If there are allegations that the charity has done something incorrect it becomes the Trustees’ problem.

If there’s a claim against you, trustees’ liability helps by doing the legal legwork, pays the legal bills, up to the insured amount and protects your reputation. You’re covered for:

  • Your personal liability as a trustee
  • Actual or alleged ‘wrongful acts’, including breach of trust, defamation and negligence
  • Legal defence costs and any damages you have to pay

Professional Indemnity – The activities of your Charity may mean that you provide advice or counselling services. Or you may hold confidential information on behalf of your clients.

If so, you have a legal and moral duty of care when carrying out your work. Breaching that duty of care can lead to allegations that you have cost your client money by giving the wrong advice, making a mistake, or not doing what was asked. This is where Professional Indemnity steps in.

If you would be interested in a quotation or more information regarding insurance for Charities, please get in touch.