Depending on what business your company carries out, the Business Interruption section of your insurance policy could, perhaps, be the most important. It could take months following, say a fire, before a damaged property is rebuilt. Then there is the stock to be replaced as well as machinery or equipment being repaired or replaced. Without…

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If you are looking to extend your home, you need to take note…… With it feeling as if Christmas was months ago and the weather, hopefully, looking to improve from Spring into Summer, many people turn their thoughts to home improvements or, perhaps, looking at an extension their existing dwelling. However, what many homeowners don’t…

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Is Employers’ liability insurance necessary for the people who work for me? You are only required by law to have employers’ liability insurance for people who you employ under a contract of service or apprenticeship. Whether or not you need employers’ liability insurance for someone who works for you depends on the terms of your…

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BIBA launched a commercial insurance scheme 12 months ago, which includes flood cover to cater for risks in flood hit areas. Even for some areas of the country that haven’t flooded, it is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to insure themselves if they are unlucky enough to be in an area that is…

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Can installing the latest home technology reduce your home insurance premiums? There are so many gadgets flooding the market to make running your home easier and more comfortable. But this smart home technology may have another advantage – saving you money on your home insurance premiums. You can control your home’s lights and curtains from…

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Why trying to save money on your sums insured can be a costly exercise.. Underinsurance in the property market was underlined by research carried out by the Building Cost Information Service, part of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 2012. It found that 80% of commercial properties are underinsured. Similarly, the Chartered Institute of…

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There are many homes that don’t fit into the standard box when it comes to insurance. It may be that they are listed or have a thatched roof. Homes such as this are best insured through the non-standard home insurance route, which although not always available via the internet, are easily insured via a broker….

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September is one of the busiest months of the year for the UK motor industry with the launch of the new registration plate. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), September 2016 saw 469,696 new cars registered – a rise of 1.6% and the highest September on record. Fleet registrations continued to…

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As the law doesn’t provide a definition, it can be difficult to determine sub-contractor status to ensure you have the correct insurance for your business. If a sub-contractor is a labour-only sub-contractor (LOSC), Employers’ Liability Insurance is required. If they are a bona-fide sub-contractor (BFSC), you do not need this cover. Labour-only sub-contractors, hired people…

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Next steps There is a large amount of information available regarding IR35 and how to protect yourself from it but what happens if you are actually selected for an investigation? The initial HMRC letter The majority of IR35 investigations begin with a letter from HMRC titled ‘Check of employer records’. In this letter HMRC will…

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