Gather round and listen to a tale of a dog called Arthur who has done more to get his latest ‘customer’ than most business owners would do in a lifetime.

Arthur, a stray dog, met a team of Swedish extreme adventurers in the Amazon rainforest. Hungry and homeless, he feasted on their gift of a Swedish meatball and decided these adventurers were the ones that could give him what he needed—they were his next customers and he took his chance.

… Basically he followed them everywhere!

Where the adventurers sailed, he swam; where they ran, he ran; when they waded through knee-high mud; he waded in neck-high mud. And despite their attempts to leave him behind, he followed them wherever they went and met them on their terms to secure their business.

The result: A contract to say that Arthur has been officially adopted by the Swedish adventurers, and has been granted entry into Sweden.

He has secured their business (of being his customer/owner/best friend/source of meatballs) until the day he dies.

Arthur saw success and a better life and went for it, in the same way a newly generated lead won’t save your business unless you follow the trail, keep working, and do EVERYTHING within your power to turn that lead into your perfect customer.

So if you KNOW the kind of customer you need to save or grow YOUR business, then get them… swim after them, direct mail them; run after them, target Facebook Ads and Google Adwords at them; bark at them, phone them. Don’t stop until you’ve got them.

The most profitable relationship your business will ever establish might start with more than a meatball—it might take eight meatballs and a handful of spaghetti, or whatever your prospective client fancies for lunch.

At the risk of being sued by O2, I won’t say “BE MORE DOG”, fitting as it may be. Instead, I’ll say “BE MORE ARTHUR”, which, come to think of it, is perfect.

Read the story and watch the video of Arthur’s story here.
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