High street giant Next have reported that the recent warmer weather has affected its profit forecast.

That’s right, it’s been too warm for shoppers to start buying winter clothing, so there’s been a drop in sales!

On the other hand, cooler weather in August increased sales of warmer clothing.

Next are banking on October cooling down, otherwise they could be lowering their projected sales from £815m to £775m. John Lewis has also reported a drop due to the warmer weather.

Now there’s a lesson in this story somewhere…

There are many factors that can affect your sales, and it’s not always the most obvious that spring to mind.

Yes, some businesses will have varying sales depending on the weather or the change of seasons. However, sometimes a drop or increase in sales could be due to a factor that’s out of your control.

But if you can work out what it is, then you could think outside of the box to think of a solution.

Who would have thought a bit of warm weather could affect sales?

(We’ve been praying for it all summer.)

Soak up the rays of this story at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29422263

Although its now time to get your Hats and Scarves purchased.

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