Well I was afraid that this newsletter was turning into “Tracy’s travel guide” but this month you are safe from my “adventures” – well I have been to a festival but I’m sure you don’t want to know about that J

What I would like to tell you about this month isn’t so much about myself but about my Grandad.  He was 92 last week, he still lives independently and walks his dog for at least an hour every day.  He even told me when I went to see him on his birthday that he attempted Coniston Old Man on his 90th Birthday.  When I told him that that was amazing he said it wasn’t as he didn’t reach the top.  I tried telling him that most 90 year olds don’t even get out of their armchair but he still didn’t seem to think it was impressive – I think he’s a legend!

A couple of weeks ago he got a visitor claiming to be HM Revenue and Customs, Granddad, in his naivety , let her in.  After looking through his paperwork she left saying that they would be in touch regarding the £6000 tax that he owed.  Luckily Grandad took the name on the lady’s badge, his eye sight isn’t what it used to be but he thinks it said “Kerris Burton”.

My Grandad is very lucky as he keeps his money and his bank card safe and out of sight and he didn’t panic when she said he owed money, instead he contacted my Mum and told her what had happened.  HMRC have been very good in speaking to me regarding his tax affairs and have assured both myself and then Granddad that his tax affairs are in order.  This means the lady was as an impersonator and this is a criminal offence.

I want to reiterate the HMRC would never “cold-call” anyone, normally letters would be sent and phone calls would be made to make an appointment if necessary.

Also HMRC never send out emails regarding tax refunds, there is an increasing amount of these emails being sent at present and they are looking more and more realistic.  These are all spam emails trying to get people’s bank details and you should never reply to them or open the attachments.

As I said my Grandad was very lucky but the next venerable person may not be.  All I can ask is this month, if you know anyone who could fall for any of these two scams then please just warn them … you might just save someone from losing their life savings.

To end my letter this month on a happier note, it’s the finals of the EVA Awards again and this year I am very proud to say I am through to the finals for Business Woman of The year, once I’ve got through my interview tomorrow … eek!!!.  This is a massive achievement in itself as the calibre for this award is so high. I will be asking you very nicely for your votes again.  If you want to get one step ahead of me the website iswww.enterprisevisionawards.co.uk, click on categories and then choose “Business-Woman-of-the-Year” to vote for me.

Also Lorraine Oates that very kindly does my photos every month (including this one) is also a finalist, so please go vote for her too J


Tracy x

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