Are you a Direct seller or know anyone in that business?? Direct selling is when you sell directly to customers usually door to door or in customers’ homes or the workplace. Companies use different terms for the people who sell their products – you may be an ‘agent’, a ‘consultant’, a ‘representative’ or a ‘distributor’.


People can become a direct seller as a full time business, to top up your income from another job or to fit around your caring commitments. Some people done realise this makes them self employed and HMRC are targeting those who are not paying the right amount of tax from their income.


HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has sent out 2,000 letters to direct sellers it believes did not take advantage of recent opportunities to pay the outstanding tax they owe.  HMRC’s letters offer direct sellers their final chance to get in touch or face being hit with much higher penalties and a potential criminal investigation.


If you are an Avon Representative, an Ann Summers party host, a Snap-on agent or a Herbalife Distributer then this is you.  If you suspect that you should be preparing a tax return and/or may owe some tax, it is always better to come forward and own up. The official window for disclosure was 28th February 2013 for this particular campaign, however, HMRC are likely to look more favourably on you for being honest.


If you are not sure please do not hesitate to contact TI Payroll and Accounting and we can help you.