Whether we’re creating a logo for our business, or labelling a new product or service we’re offering, sometimes our creative juices can get the better of us. It’s all too easy to get attached to something we’ve created. It’s easy not to see the bigger picture.

And sometimes, our ideas can get us into trouble.

Take a look at the debate between Sky and Video chat software Skype: CLICK HERE

An EU court feels like the Skype logo is too similar to the Sky logo. It thinks the similarities could cause confusion for the public, and as a result, Skype are unable to register a trademark for its name and design in Europe.

Now, we’re not saying that your business is in danger of being in a similar situation, but the story did make us think about how important it is to make sure that when it comes to branding, originality is key.

Whether your logo or name has a striking resemblance to another business’s, or, if another business designs something that makes you do a double take, then it’s important to keep your eyes open.

The last thing you want is to have an expensive lawsuit on your hands. Do your research. It’s fine if you’re a business that’s haemorrhaging money, but if you’re a small business on the road to success, you don’t want to fall at the first hurdle.

Something to think about.

Have a great day!
Kelly Mackenzie
Head of Client Happiness – ( beware there are limits )