Want to know the key to running a successful business for years on end? I think it’s time I told you about Peter Harrold, who runs H Harrold and Sons Ltd.

Mr Harrold’s Sheffield-based, family-run locksmith business has been alive and kicking for a rather impressive five generations!

And “what’s the family’s secret?” you may wonder.

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The key to H Harrold and Sons’ success is down to a number of key factors, but their excellent reputation has definitely played a rather large part – I’d say the fact that they’ve had Harry Houdini as a customer is definitely a bonus!

Now I’m not suggesting that the key to a long lasting business is having a celebrity customer base (even though that might help!), but what I’ve taken from this story is the fact that sheer hard work and passion for what you do, goes a heck of a long way – 95 years in this case!

If you’d like your business to be soaring for another 10, 20, 30 or even 95 years like the Harrolds’, I’d say taking a leaf out of their book is your first step.

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