Ever plodded down a quiet road at 30mph and cursed at whoever decided that such a slow national speed limit was a good idea?

Yeah, us too – but, despite the improvements to road technology, cars and safety, there are still groups campaigning to bring the national speed limit down to a snooze-inducing 20mph.

Of course, there are safety benefits to this, but where do we draw the line? In safer cars, on safer roads with clearer signs and physical speed restrictions in place, is the damage to the economy worth what a 20mph speed limit will surely inflict?
It’s time to be more flexible, embrace change, and make an educated decision on how speed limits, road safety, and road travel should move into the future.
Our recommendation: variable, traffic-sensitive LED road signs that can change from minute to minute. They might be more expensive than the old metal ones, but they’d save ten times their price (or more) for the UK economy, by allowing the roads to move at a decent pace.

There’s a danger – in business, too – that ‘the way we’ve always done things’ becomes more important than progress, survival and more. Yes, we respect heritage, history and tradition, but with respect to the 30mph national speed limit we’re talking about an eighty-year-old law, here. A lot has changed since its inception.
So, how about your business? Have you stuck to your speed-guns, have you taken into account changes in technology, procedures, laws, and so on? If not, you could be missing out on great opportunities to go faster, travel further and achieve more.
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Have a great week and remember to stick to the speed limit on your travels !