I know, I know … Your Tax return doesn’t have to be submitted until 31st January 2017, but there are 3 great reasons why you should bring them in now so I thought I’d share them with you ….


  1.  Paying less for our services! Starting price for self-assessment will remain the same for 2015-2016 tax returns. This is great news for you, if you are already a client and if we receive your annual paperwork before 31st May 2016 we will still process your tax return at our starting price.

Also due to the large amount of people who leave their accounts until December and January we have to charge a higher fee for accounts received during this time, therefore, if you can get your accounts to us early you will be paying less for your accounts than those who leave it till last minute.  See, organisation does make sense.


  1. Being able to sleep at night! Just think of the weight that would be lifted off your shoulders knowing that your tax return is prepared and submitted to HMRC.  This doesn’t mean you have to pay your tax early, you can still pay that in January 2017 and if your tax return is submitted now HMRC will even send you a reminder of how much the tax will be nearer the time.  You know that you lie awake knowing you have to sort your paperwork for your tax return, so why not get it out of the way and for the rest of the year so you can sleep peaceful.


  1. Being able to budget for your tax bill! Knowing how much your tax bill will be in January 2017 is a real advantage to you both personally and in your business.  You know how much you have to set aside for January, this way you have more financial freedom over your money as you won’t be thinking can I/can’t I when you next go to buy an asset or want to go on holiday.



I look forward to hearing from you soon … along with your paperwork 🙂