plan your 2019 goals

Quick Question – Have you started planning for 2019?

If not, you probably should be asking things like…

Where the business is heading?

What it is going to look like this time next year?

How do I turn my targets into reality?

There’s a shocking statistic I read in an article in Forbes recently that says that 9 out of 10 businesses fail.

Here’s one more shocking statistic, most businesses owners don’t have a plan for getting the exact income the business owner requires for all their hard efforts in the next twelve months.

That second stat is from my own observations of doing this with hundreds of business owners over the past 16 years.

Working with so many successful clients I find both statistics really hard to swallow because the truth is that YOU get to choose.

And that’s important as I suspect the same group that fail are the same ones that don’t plan.

You really can choose to be in the 90% of businesses that don’t plan and so risk failure or the 10% that really get a handle on their business and maximise success.

It starts with having a plan to monitor and understanding your numbers. This then becomes a vital part of planning for your business growth.

We can even do the work to get the agreed plan in place – AND then make it a living breathing document that brings your plans to life.

You also finally get to choose the holiday, the car or the buffer of cash in your bank.

There’s three ways on offer to achieve this – one of them will suit you best for sure. 

December really is the best time for this to happen, as you’ll discover, so get a wriggle on.

Please click on the links to see how each of them could help you.

Business Growth Package – if you’re comfortable with your numbers or you’re a new business that doesn’t know what numbers to monitor.

Understanding your Goals Package – if you know what you need to take out of your business to finance your goals is for 2019, but you’re not sure what they mean in terms of turnover.

Success By Numbers Package – if you have daring goals for 2019 and need structure and accountability (not for the faint hearted)